Aim for Top University project


The overall objectives of National Taiwan University's Aim for the Top University Project are to create new knowledge and cultivate skilled professionals, using knowledge creation to cultivate our country's future leaders and talented professionals in various fields. In addition to promoting overall academic research and integrating resources to achieve critical breakthroughs, we shall dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in both Asia and global stages. The simplest definition for our primary aim is to promote our institution into the list of the world’s top 100.

The Aim for the Top University Project is entering its second phase. The College of Science had performed admirably in many fields. In the face of challenges, we had formulated a 5-year intermediate development strategy based on school schedules to recruit talents and improve capabilities; construct excellent environments, and pursue research excellence; promote globalization and improve international competitiveness. Multiple measures had been proposed for our subsequent five-year plan. It is hoped that by the end of this project phase we would be able to achieve our objectives of improving teaching quality, establishing a first-rate academic research environment, promote multi-disciplinarian cooperation, expand international exchange and implement effective administrative support.

The second phase of the Aim for the Top University Project shall correspond to the five-year intermediate project established in 2009. Future research shall be based on the developmental background of the College of Science, focusing on topics across multiple fields as well as frontier and apex technologies. Research topics for the intermediate phase include high energy physics, astrophysical investigations, evaluation and application of molecular imaging, molecular detection and analysis, light-emission and catalytic nanomaterials, geology of Southeast Asia, seismology, aquatic organisms and ecology, typhoons, plum rains and extreme climates, climatic changes of East Asian monsoons, energy development (material, Kuroshio, methane hydrate), psychology of the Chinese ethnicity and regional humanities, development of applied mathematics, and the science of quantum computing. We shall also focus more on collaborative projects between different fields and multiple institutions under the existing framework. To improve industrial-academic cooperation, we shall encourage every field and major to promote such projects.

Besides encouraging continued development of individual labs and research teams, the NTU College of Science also began intimate cooperation and strategic alliances with science colleges in Peking University and National Tsing Hua University in order to provide intermural research teams with better opportunities. Aim for the Top University Project support and grants shall be prioritized for intermural and international projects to increase the global impact of our research results. We at the College of Science hope to continue providing excellent academic platforms for NTU and Taiwan and train professionals in various scientific fields. We are dedicated to academic excellence and hope to achieve our vision of becoming a first-rate international research academy and the top institution in Asia.

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