109Tzu-Han HsuAtmospheric SciencesBetween November 2019 and January 2020, Hsu assisted teams at the Taipei City Fire Department in carrying out successful rescues numerous times. On January 3, 2020, Hsu assisted in providing emergency care to peers on the NTU campus. Hsu likewise provided critical emergency care to those injured at the Jianguo Road traffic incident on September 1, 2020.
109Chun-Ting LinChemistryBetween Fall 2019 and Spring 2021, Lin served with the NTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development as chemistry instructor for prospective students, guiding a total of 11 individuals in the study of general and organic chemistry. In Fall 2019, Lin additionally took on the role of professional tutor with The U.S. Lanuage Flagship Overseas Center in Taiwan, guiding students in professional written communication in Chinese. Lin supervised three students in their completion of the curriculum.
109Chu-Hsiang HsuChemistryAs long-time Vice President of the NTU Chemistry Student Association, Hsu assisted the President and other officers in handling various student government affairs, participated in regular administrative meetings, and helped organize activities such as the department barbecue meet-up, mid-semester study breaks, and the like. Hsu additionally has a consistent track record of dedicated service in his role as an officer in various other student organizations.
109Li-Chai ShiChemistryAs President of the Chemistry Student Association, Shi critically assisted in effecting changes based on student perspectives and hosted activities to strengthen inter-student bonds. She helped push for upgrades to lab equipment as well as student access to such technologies and used questionnaires to investigate student feedback regarding within-department courses. Shi's other achievements as President include rebudgeting of membership funds, increased opportunities for members to provide feedback at events, and augmentation of funds for physical activity. She managed dissemination of critical announcements regarding pandemic protocol, course requirements, competitions, and the like to members of the department. Shi further organized alumni speaker events to assist her fellow chemistry majors in developing their future career paths.
109Cheng-Nien LinPhysicsIn Fall 2019 and Spring 2018, 2019, and 2021, Lin dedicated time during the semester to volunteer at Xingfu Junior High School, Longan Elementary School, Taipei Municipal Minzu Junior High School among others, guiding students in their coursework and fostering a love for learning within the community. Lin is a long-time blood donor and has donated 26 times to date. He has served at length as President of the Puppet Show Club and assisted the Office of Student Affairs in student recruitment and outreach. As journal editor for the Department of Physics, Lin collected and recorded perspectives from students throughout the Department.
109Jian-Shun HuangMathematicsAs Executive Coordinator of NTU Math Camp 2021, Huang led peers in the department in organizing camp events, with the goal of introducing high school students to the Math Department and assisting them in finding their academic interests. Huang served as Vice Coordinator of NTU Math Camp 2020, supervising various teams and ensuring smooth operations. Huang further served as Executive Coordinator of orientation for the Math Department, leading sophomores in the department in organizing orientation events and fostering a welcoming and supportive environment.
109Yu-Ting HuangMathematicsAs long-time Vice President of the NTU Math Student Association, Huang played a key role in shaping department policies and fostering an enhanced learning environment within the department. She further organized various special lectures, seminars, and alumni talks. As a member of NTU IAC, Huang additionally assisted with Fenyuan Elementary School’s art camp in 2018.
109Ping-Hsun ChuangMathematicsAs a teaching assistant for several required courses in the Math Department, Chuang has played a key role in the academic advancement of two students experiencing difficulties. He took initiative to offer support on various fronts, including checking in on student life, assisting with exam preparation, arranging special testing accommodations, and the like. With his guidance, the two students have improved substantially, and department faculty are very grateful. Chuang additionally organized various department seminar discussions throughout summer and winter breaks, leading underclassmen in the study of mathematics outside of class and fostering an environment of collaborative learning among peers.
109Yu-Hsiang LinMathematicsAs teaching assistant for the NTU CTLC x DLC Hope Initiative, Lin assisted peers in the Initiative in familiarizing with student and academic life at NTU. He took care to check in on student needs and provide relevant resources where needed and hosted semesterly meets and outings for the students. Under the Initiative, Lin additionally served as calculus tutor during summers and within each semester and utilized a variety of instructive strategies to support students in strengthening their mathematical foundations, including recording instructive videos, organizing lectures, and inviting students on stage to solve problems.
108Chao-Hsien LiChemistryAs Vice President of the NTU Chemistry Student Association & Vice Coordinator of the NTUCH Camp in the 2019-2020 academic year, Li exhibited great responsibility and enthusiasm, taking on a seminal role in planning and conducting various activities.
108Shu-Ping LinChemistryAs President of the NTU Chemistry Student Association in the 2019-2020 academic year, Lin leveraged surveys to better understand student perspectives, goals, and needs within the Department of Chemistry; invited department alumni to speak and share their experience; and introduced fellow chemistry majors to key directions for future development within the department. Lin further assisted in various committee roles as President of the NTU Science Student Association.
108Yu-Wen LoPsychologyIn 2018, Luo served as Chief Coordinator of the 2018 Sunny Kite Winter Camp located in Taitung City. She continued her service in 2019 to become Chief Activities & Education Officer to oversee development and execution of the camp curriculum and attend to approximately 50 students. Luo was a key contributor to the planning of the 2020 VYA International Workcamp Nepal Initiative, which in collaboration with Hasera Organic Farm & Farmstay hosted over 10 hours of instruction in scientific studies and 5 hours of English lessons for 62 local children. In 2019, Luo assisted in developing the PINTREE Overseas Exploration Plan, serving on the Poland Summer Team and building upon Siemacha Association’s education model to host the Asia Week curriculum. During this time she oversaw approximately 30 students in addition to mentoring high school students on the Team. Luo additionally participated in the 2018 Taipei West District Single Parent Family Service Center’s Summer Activities Camp, which seeks to assist single parents by hosting educational children’s activities to reduce the burden of daytime childcare. Luo is currently active in the 2020 Hotai Dreamfighter Proposal Competition, with a focus on addressing the challenges of rehabilitation and social re-integration of ex-offenders. She has passed the initial review and is now competing in the first round.
107Yu-Hsaing YangGeographyThroughout his time at NTU, Yang has been an active member of the student body, showcasing his outstanding kindness and passion for helping others. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Yang served as Chief Coordinator of the Bethseda Service Team and Treasurer for the Nantou Sun Moon Lake Special Needs Children’s Camp. He served as General Affairs Chair for the Bethseda Service Team in the 2017-2018 academic year, coordinating the acquisition and use of equipment for various activities, and further assisted as part of the Activities and Event Planning Team. In the 2016-2017 academic year, he served on the Nantou Sun Moon Special Needs Children’s Camp Counselor Team. Yang was further recognized with NTU’s Special Student Award for Outstanding Societal Contribution.
107Shih-Fong LinPsychologyThroughout 2017-2019, Lin served as a passionate volunteer with Rotary International. He received the Loving Angel Award from the NTU Leaders Club and World Leaders Education Foundation in 2017. At the start of 2018, Lin single-handedly established the online platform for the Understanding Xiao-Yi-Tao Cultural Academy via Facebook and YouTube, creating a public forum for communication and exchange and expanding the reach of classical studies. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Lin served as Editor-in-Chief of the NTU Department of Psychology‘s journal Enlighting and took on an executive role in the NTU Psychology Student Association, continuing his dedicated record of service.
107Chun-Ting LinChemistryThroughout Spring 2017-Spring 2018, Lin continued to provide generous instruction and tutoring to prospective students, assist peers in boosting their academic performance, and contribute significantly to enhancing student life. Lin remains actively engaged with prospective undergraduate groups by answering questions about advancement to higher education and offering academic advice to students pursuing physical and life sciences.
107Pei-Hsuan ChangMathematicsAs a member of the Math Club Executive Board, Zhang invited professors from various fields to introduce their specialties, speak about challenges in the development of their field leading up to today, and discuss the tools necessary to overcome—or lacking in the resolution of—such limitations. Students were encouraged to maintain an open mind and tackle the big questions of the many disciplines that exist today. Zhang additionally organized numerous department alumni talks, panels, and activities to assist fellow math majors in finding their passion and developing concrete plans for the future.
106Li-Yu ChenPsychologyAs founder of NTU’s club to expand knowledge of psychiatric medicine, Chen has collaborated with various treatment centers to organize opportunities for peers to visit psychiatric patients, produce written and audiovisual recordings of their experiences, and leverage these stories to help reduce social stigma surrounding psychiatric disorders. In less than two years, the club has seen tremendous success. It has hosted a static exhibition of psychiatric rehabilitation centers; collaborated with Eden Social Welfare Foundation to produce a movie documentary of psychiatric patients’ experiences, which attracted the viewership of several hundred individuals; assisted local rehabilitation centers in hosting community walking events, with the goal of facilitating positive interactions between patients and local residents; sent a team to Yuli Hospital to provide care; developed part of the club’s activities into a curriculum to be implemented at NTU; and compiled a comprehensive guide to learning about psychiatric medicine. Chen bears an incredibly steadfast and optimistic commitment to providing care and support for psychiatric patients. She has additionally been recognized with NTU’s Special Student Award for Outstanding Societal Contribution.
106Wen-Shao HeMathematicsAs President of the NTU Math Students’ Association, He created and distributed surveys to aid the executive board in better understanding student perspectives, goals, and needs within the Department. He critically contributed to the restructuring of the budget so as to better aid underprivileged students and mobilized resources to help maintain student life.
105Luan-Ya HuangPsychologyThroughout high school, her time at NTU, and beyond, Huang has continued to enrich the community by taking time each winter to assist at her hometown’s primary school winter camp, where she instills in students a great appreciation for the value of life. As a volunteer counselor for the Twilight Elite Development Association R.O.C. in Pintung, Huang took initiative in providing various forms of support to young students, taking care to visit their families and guide their academic progress. Huang currently volunteers with NTU’s Kind Kids Yi-Guang Group, traveling to Tatung Children’s Home every Monday night to tutor children one-on-one and provide tailored care and support to aid their growth.
105Bang-Yu WuChemistryAs a volunteer with NTU’s Kind Kids Yi-Guang Group, Wu provided regular academic support, instruction, and guidance to students living in remote areas in winter 2016 and summer 2016-2017, as well as during the academic year. Wu additionally collaborated with friends to establish an organization to assist residents of remote areas in recruiting resources to build a better life.
104Jhih-Hong LyuMathematicsAs Coordinator of the Schweitzer Program, Lyu recruited both domestic and overseas volunteers to provide academic support to elementary and middle school students. Lyu assisted in instruction at Taipei Municipal Heping High School and received the excellent teaching assistant award. Lyu additionally took on various roles in student government, prioritizing the interests of the student body.
104Tung-Jung YangPsychologyYang exhibited great care for fellow students, leveraging personal knowledge and experience to provide academic support wherever needed. He played a central role in organizing peers into study groups and fostering an environment of mutual support and hard work.
104Yu Chi YuanPsychologyDuring winter break, Yuan devoted her time to traveling to poverty-stricken areas of India to assist in English instruction at local education centers. Since freshman year, Yuan has served as a tutor with various associations. Yuan has further leveraged her knowledge and training in psychology to volunteer with the Kanner Foundation of Taiwan and provide services to children with cancer, among others.
103Ping-Shao ChenMathematicsSince February 2011, Chen has served as a volunteer at Bethany Children’s Home, providing 1.5 hours of academic guidance each week, group supervision 3 times per semester, and tailored individual support once per semester. Chen has additionally aided in organizing child-rearing activities and birthday activities for the children each term. In September 2013, March 2014, and November 2014, he volunteered with World Vision Taiwan as a group leader to guide high-risk families during travel.
103Hsin-Ya HungPsychologyHung founded Meaning4 as a charitable art brand with the goal of raising funds to aid underprivileged populations. She assisted the Keeling Parent Association in raising NTD1,000,000 to renovate the Bear House Living Center. Hung additionally served as a volunteer with World Vision Taiwan to provide academic guidance and support to children from underprivileged backgrounds.
103Li-Yu LiaoPsychologyIn 2010, Liao served as winter and summer camp counselor for the Teacher Chang Foundation, where, in addition to instructing students in phone-call, writing, and interview skills, Liao was responsible for the adolescent cohort. While serving as President of the Department of Psychology’s Student Association at Kaohsiung Medical University, Liao played a key role in organizing activities and expanding knowledge in the field of psychology, spoke at various occasions on the application of the discipline of psychology in daily life, and continued as Coordinator of and an instructor at Psychology Camp beyond graduation. Liao additionally served as a teacher-counselor at Guangming Junior High School and New Taipei Municipal Fuhe Junior High School in 2014-2015 and volunteered at the remote-area education camp under NTU’s Schweitzer Camp.
103Chi-June JungAtmospheric ScienceJung was awarded for his assistance in the rescue immediately following the TransAsia Airways Crash on February 4, 2015. In 2014, he was awarded by the National Fire Agency at the Ministry of the Interior for his volunteer service. In 2015, he and his mother were awarded with the Outstanding Volunteer Family Award. Jung was recognized in 2013 with the Taipei City Contribution Award and by the Taipei City Fire Department, and was named model fireman in 2012 by the Taiwan Lions Club. He was recognized for his role in rescue operations in 2009 and for his key contribution transporting patients to neighboring hospitals during the rescue of National Taiwan University Hospital on December 17, 2008. Jung received the Outstanding Volunteer Team Award from Taipei City Fire Department for his outstanding performance. He has additionally been recognized with NTU’s Special Student Award for Outstanding Societal Contribution.
102Chen-Yu LinPsychologyLin has been actively engaged in long-term elder care and has regularly devoted time to providing warmth and company to the elderly. He has additionally volunteered at remote recreation camps to serve children with autism spectrum disorder or living in remote areas, using his training in psychology to help others.
102Cher-Chia YehPhysicsAs a general member of NTU’s Cancer Children Service Club in 2013 and as Activities Coordinator in 2014, Yeh organized various activities to help care for children with cancer. Yeh was a part of the Leadership Development Program’s social care project, in which he worked to promote exposure to, understanding of, and acceptance of charitable giving and social welfare. He additionally partook in an international volunteer opportunity in Iceland, with a focus on advocating for the protection of marine life.
102Kai-Yu ChengChemistryCheng served with an international volunteer program to provide care for children and elders in the Republic of the Philippines. As Coordinator of NTUCH Camp, he played a critical role in raising funds to offer the first-ever Scholarship for Low-Income Students, with the goal of enabling students from low-income backgrounds to attend NTUCH Camp at no cost. Cheng additionally served as Vice President of the NTU Chemistry Student Association in the 2011-2012 academic year and as President of the NTU Science Student Association in the 2012-2013 academic year.