In order to spur the college towards one of top institutions and promote international academic and cultural exchanges, the College of Science of National Taiwan University established the grant to nurture CoS students’global view and encourage CoS students to participate in teaching and research-related activities abroad.

The deadline for the fourth-season application of the 110th academic year is November 3, 2021 (Wed). The deadline of the application of each department/institute/program, please contact the organizer of each unit.

1.Exchange Student / Short-term Overseas Research

Applicants must submit these documents:

After being awarded, the applicants must submit these documents:

2.International Conferences

Applicants must submit these documents:

  • Application Form
  • The Completed Application Notice from the Funding Program of MOST
  • The Recommendation Letter of Student’s Instructor 
  • A Copy of Paper being accepted notification
  • A Copy of Abstract and Full Paper which intends to publish
  • A Reprint or Photocopy of the most representative paper within the last 5 years.
  • Schedule of the International Conference and other Reference Documents

After being awarded, the applicants must submit these documents

If the student has already obtained other funds or there’s other reason that he/she couldn’t accomplish our awarding procedures, please fill in the Statement for withdrawal of CoS Scholarship (Template ) After signing it, summit it to your department.