Chun-Chieh Wu 吳俊傑

Chair Professor of Atmospheric Sciences , College of Science, National Taiwan University
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Words from the Dean

As one of the top universities in Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU) is home to very outstanding teachers and students. The College of Science in particular, is in pursuit of sustainable development in the areas of talent cultivation, scientific innovation and social contribution with “AMBITION, RESPONSIBILITY and WISDOM” in mind, while constantly reminding itself of its original aspirations.

With AMBITION, we aim for acquiring the most adequate resource and achieving optimal performance. On the one hand, our quality academic culture will be maintained and unique features of each department highlighted, for encouraging the students to develop diversified capabilities. On the foundation of scientific subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, general geoscience, there is immense opportunity for expansion into interdisciplinary areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, quantum computing, advanced energy, critical materials, precise biomedicine, cognitive science, climate change and sustainability science. On the other hand, lateral connections within the college will enable arrangement of classes for fundamental subjects, e-learning, digital materials and a tutorial system, the combination of which aiming at better learning results. In the meantime, such a design will allow the more than 200 full-time faculty members in the college to keep a balance between their devotion to teaching and research.

In the last 90 years, over 100 alumni of the College of Science, NTU have been appointed academicians to prestigious research institutes within and beyond Taiwan such as Academia Sinica (Taiwan), National Academy of Sciences (US) and National Academy of Engineering (US), while yet more important contributions have been made to all areas of the society through endeavors by our graduates and faculty. We encourage all our students to aim for the same. It has also been planned to invite international top-notch scientists to visit the university. This will bring teachers and students opportunities to learn face-to-face from the masters’ wisdom, attitude toward knowledge and philosophy of life.

RESPONSIBILITY means taking up the social responsibility. In addition to playing the role of an academic institution that nurtures talents within the formal system, we also aim at expanding the social and scientific education beyond the campus. Therefore, in addition to cooperation between departments, colleges and universities, and those with the public and private sectors, our senior and mid-aged professors with their expertise and teaching enthusiasm, will strive to lay the foundation for the public’s logical thinking and create momentum for societal advancement.

Lastly, WISDOM is the best solution to challenges along the way. It also allows us to stay mindful of our behavior, to determine the right things to do, and to insist on our original aspirations while adapting to the changing world. As always, we will continue to advance the teaching and research in scientific areas, toward the ends of ensuring better welfare for the people.

Associate Dean

Chun-hsien Chen 陳俊顯

Chun-hsien Chen 陳俊顯

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, College of Science, National Taiwan University
Academic and research affairs
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Jiun-Huei Proty Wu 吳俊輝

Jiun-Huei Proty Wu 吳俊輝

Professor of Physics & Astrophysics, College of Science, National Taiwan University
International and student affairs
Administrative and teaching affairs
Tel: (O)+ 886-2-33664182 / + 886-2-33668629
Fax: + 886-2-23622005

Su-Ling Yeh 葉素玲

Su-Ling Yeh 葉素玲

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, College of Science, National Taiwan University
(2023.9-2024.6 Visiting in U.S.A)
Tel: (O)+ 886-2-33664182 / + 886-2-33663097
Fax: + 886-2-23622005

Former Deans

Shiuh-Tzung Liu
2013.11-2019.7Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Ching-Ray Chang
2011.8-2013.10Ph.D., University of California San DiegoPyhsics
Ching-Hua Lo
2005.8-2011.7Princeton University
Yu Wang
王    瑜
2002.8-2005.7Ph.D., University of IllinoisChemistry
Ming-chang Kang
1997.2-2002.7Ph.D.,The University of ChicagoMathematics
Cheng-hong Chen
1993.8-1997.1Ph.D., National Taiwan UniversityGeology
Chu-yung Lin
1990.8-1993.7Ph.D., University of OklahomaBotany
Guang-hsiung Kou
1984.8-1990.7Ph.D., Tokyo UniversityZoology
Tung-bin Lo
1978.8-1984.7Ph.D., Tohoku UniversityChemistry
Wei-chuwan Lin
1972.8-1978.7Ph.D., Kyushu UniversityChemistry
Kung-sing Shih
1962.6-1972.7Ph.D., University of IllinoisMathematics
Veichow C. Juan
1954.6-1962.5Ph.D.,The University of ChicagoGeology
Shih-liang Chien
1953.7-1954.5Ph.D., University of IllinoisChemistry
Shin-piaw Cheong
1950.11-1953.6Ph.D., University of ParisPhysics
Kuan Pan
潘    貫
1949.8-1950.10Ph.D., Tohoku Imperial UniversityChemistry
Zee Shen
沈    璿
1946.4-1949.7Ph.D., Tohoku Imperial UniversityMathematics
Bu-ching Su
1945.12-1946.3Ph.D., Tohoku Imperial UniversityMathematics